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2011 Snow Days

July 27, 2011

I was driving home yesterday in this dreadful heat, longing for cooler weather and thinking cold thoughts. Thoughts of snow. I was thinking about the contrast between the snow days that we had back in January and the sweltering days of July, and I thought that a few snow pictures might help us all chill out.

Most of these are my photos. Terrie was just waking up as I stepped out into the frigid air to capture a few images.

It is important to leave the bees enough honey to keep the home fires going. They burn energy all winter to keep the cluster of bees warm. The queen resides right in the middle of the cluster.

The pasture is particularly beautiful after a snow. It gets better the second day after the snow melts and then freezes back, leaving an expanse of shimmery ice.

Penny had a big time with the white stuff, but she always seemed relieved to come in and get the snow out of her fur.

It is always a wonder to me how such a tiny little creature can survive a cold winter. You’d think that it would freeze to stone. God’s care for the birds is a great testimony of His greater care for us.

This one is a favorite of mine. Terrie made this shot during a trip we made to Kentucky a few years ago. We drove through the Smokey Mountains on US441 and encountered snow just a little south of the Gatlinburg area. The kids and I got out to play in the stuff. Never turn your back on your Dad when he has a snowball in his hands.

Notice Anna’s superior throwing style.

Snow never fails to bring a smile. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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