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Joe and the Swimming Hole

July 26, 2011

Terrie and I had been teaching for three years in a small town north of the Mason-Dixon when we decided to return south to raise our family.  We began our hunt for a place to call home with a few things in mind, of which one was a desire to live somewhere that would provide open area where the kids could play and explore.  When we found our place, as rough as it looked from the outset, we knew we had found home.

The three oldest boys covered the woods and the creek pretty comprehensively.  They played army and hide-and-seek and other such fun and games as boys are wont to do in a forest and stream.  But I believe that Joe has found the holy grail of creek adventure.

Graze creek runs across the edge of our neighbor Henry’s property.  His grandsons Seth and Josh are friends of Joe’s, and the three of them have dammed up the creek and built themselves a old-fashioned swimming hole.

They refer to this as red-neck swimmin’ and have nick names for one another.  Seth and Josh are Flovis and Cletus (though I am not certain which is which), and Joe is known as Cephas.  They have a rope swing that arcs out over the water as well as a zip line that stretches all the way across the pond.  Henry made them a raft out of a couple of old barrels and some decking lumber.

All day long there is all manner of whoopin’ and hollering from down by the creek.  In a day and age where many folk think it irresponsible to ride a bicycle without a helmet, this is really a throwback to another time and era.

I think we all need memories that will last a lifetime, and I am glad to see that Joe will have his.

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