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How the Grinch Almost Stole Sunset Beach

July 20, 2011

We re-discovered Sunset Beach in 1999.  Terrie and I had actually spent our Honeymoon there in 1981, but we had forgotten about it until years later when we took the family there for vacation.  We have returned every year since.  Here is a picture of our arrival at the beach a few years back.

In the few days just before I leave for our annual beach vacation, I always write a poem for my co-workers to sort of “rub-in” the fact that I am headed for the beach for a week.  Usually I write a sonnet or sometimes a few verses of Haiku, but never a limerick.  One year, however, I was inspired by Dr Seuss and wrote this little piece.  I hope you enjoy it.

How the Grinch Almost Stole Sunset Beach


With profound apology to Theodor Seuss Geisel .


All the kids at the Zell’ house
Loved Sunset a lot
But the Grinch –  from three houses over – did NOT!

The Grinch hated beaches
And any vacation
To places with sand and abundant hydration 

Don’t ask me why
There’s no body that knows
But he was a crank from his head to his toes.

He watched them for days
With his hand on his hip
While they happily packed all their things for their trip



“Those kids at the Zell’ house”
He said with a sneer
“Have packed all their stuff like they do every year.

“For days they have bought things
Like shovels and pails
Crab nets and fish hooks and houses for snails.

“Their dad has compacted
and smashed with a squeeze
And shoved all their junk in their van without ease.

“The bikes – Oh those bikes!
They’re all hung on the back
With bungees and straps and all sorts of clap-trap.

“Their surfboards and beach chairs
Umbrellas and kites
Are stuffed here and there and held down with old tights.



“On the top of the van
In a Sears Es-Car-Go
Are their bags full of clothes and each kid’s own pillow.

“They’ve packed lots of snacks
Like peanuts and chips
And enough cookies to fill several ships.

“In the morning they’ll leave
For the white sandy beach
From the cares of this world they’ll be safe out of reach.”

Then he got an idea!
An awful idea!
The Grinch got a wonderfully awful idea!

“I know what to do”
Said the Grinch with smile
“I’ll ruin their trip – every last little mile”



Sometime after midnight
He crossed through the gate
And approached the big van with his eyes full of hate.

He loosened the straps
That held the bikes tight
He hid all their buckets; poked holes in their kite.

He undid the carrier
On top of the van
And scattered their clothes wherever he ran.

He ate all their peanuts,
Their cookies and snacks.
He crumpled and smashed all the chips in their sacks.

He pulled the distributor cap
With a jerk
And stole the plug wires so the van wouldn’t work.



And then just to make their dad
Madder than fire
He put a long spike under each brand new tire

He climbed in the driver’s seat
Just for a look
When he saw something stuck in the fold of a book

“What’s this?” said the Grinch
With a quizzical sneer.
“A note to remind them of some new sort of gear?”

But the note wasn’t that.
It said something quite new
“Don’t forget to invite Mr. Grinch this year, too.”

The Grinch just sat staring
And feeling all wrong.
“Why – this year they all want to take ME along!”



And what happened next –
The Grinch got an idea
An awfully wonderful new good idea.

He brought back the plug wires
And distributor cap
And polished the windows with an old stocking cap.

He patched up their kite
And brought back all their pails
And vacuumed and dusted their houses for snails.

He tightened the straps
That held on their bikes
And from under their tires, he removed all the spikes.

He ran down to the Bilo
And bought them new treats
Each kid had some cookies on each of their seats.



And then about dawn
When the sun was a peepin’
And from all their beds, the kids were just creepin’

The Grinch stayed around
Walking down, walking up
And thinking out loud, “Come on kids, now GET UP!”

Then out from the door
With a hop and a flip
Jumped three little Zell’ kids all set for their trip.

When Joe saw the Grinch
He let out a “Hurray!
Mr. Grinch, please come here, we have something to say!”

“That’s right Mr. Grinch.”
Said their Mom with a smile.
“We hope you will come to the beach for a while.”



The Grinch then just stood there
With nothing to say
No one had ever been nice just that way.

“Why, yes.  I would love to”
The Grinch simply said.
And completely uncranked from his toes to his head.

That week at the beach
They had so much fun
And the Grinch even smiled when he burned in the sun.

And to everyone’s shock,
With hand strong and facile
He – he himself – the Grinch carved the sand castle.





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