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Our Lost Son

July 15, 2011
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Since this is a blog primarily intended for the entertainment of our family and friends, I would be remiss if I neglected to mention a person who is a hybrid of the two.

It all started a few years ago when Peter brought home his friend Kenny.  It was sort of a “Hi Mom.  He followed me home.  Can we keep him?” moment.

Kenny was a graduate assistant over at the university and was living in the dorms.  It is an interesting system of indentured servanthood.  You get a room, three square meals a day, an education, and a job.  The trouble is that the income from the job will not cover the cost of the room, meals and classes.  So Kenny was a busy boy, was running up a hefty VISA bill, and needed a weekend place to call home.

Well, the sad eyes and whimpering got through to Terrie and we took him in.  Over the next couple of years, he became one of the family.  We took him to the beach.  He built a giant tree house in our front yard (the mess of which we are still dealing with).  But most importantly, he moved his rather impressive set of tools into my barn.

Where a man’s tools are, there will his heart be also.  It turns out that Kenny had been a mechanic of sorts, having worked on airplanes and other things.  I was not aware of this at first, simply thinking that anyone who drove a Volvo must need a good set of tools.

He and Peter formed a fast friendship and have worked together on various schemes and dreams.  They still have loose plans to go west and start a ministry somewhere.  We’d be pleased to see that come to fruition, and are looking forward to whatever God has in store.

A few years after he adopted us, he pursued and won the heart of his lovely bride Brittany.  As it turns out, they have recently purchased and moved into a home not more than a half mile from ours.

Yesterday when I got home from work, Terrie informed me that Kenny had come over and moved his tools from our barn over to their garage.  Looks like his heart is at home there.

Farewell, Son.  We will miss you and your tools.

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